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The Pressure Leaf Filter is a MS/SS Vertical Vessel with Filter Leaves inside. The leaves are mounted vertically on a common manifold pipe, through which the filtered liquid flows out. On the top, the leaves are held by a vibrating shaft . A mechanical vibrator driven by electric motor/pneumatic vibrator is provided for vibrating the leaf shaft for cake discharge. Jacket for hot filtration can be offered if desired Over flow, vent/steam/air charging, pressure gauge & safety valve are provided on the top.

The top cover is provided with devit arm mechanism for raising the lid for cleaning/ removing the leaves. “I” bolts are provided for quick opening and closing of top lid. A mechanical jack is provided to lift the top for cleaning/removing the leaves. Lugs are provided for mounting the PLF.

The Filter leaves filter on both sides and hence a large filtration area is obtained in a relatively small vessel.

Pressure Leaf Filter Used in :

   Easy to clean and EDIBLE OIL INDUSTRY :- Bleached ,winterized , Deodorized , Hydrogenated Fractionzed oils, Dewaxing, Catalyst, Mineral oil, Sulphur.
   BEVERAGE INDUSTRY :- For Glucose, fruit Juices, cold drinks, sugar, vinegar.
   CHEMICAL INDUSTRY : - For Organic & Inorganic salts , dyes, chemicals, plastizers
   PHARMA INDUSTRY :- For Pharmaceutical intermediates, syrup, bulk drugs, antibiotics, intravenous solutions.
   PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY :- Crude oil, LPG, lubricating oil, sulphur.
   High Vacuum Separation by Molecular Distillation
   Lube Oil Rerefining

Pressure Leaf filter are mainly designed in two types :

   Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters
   Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters
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